Ancillary Revenue (Savings) Negotiation,
Management and Optimization

Service Agreements
TV, Satellite, Phone, Internet, WiFi & DAS/Life Safety

Roof-top and Land Rights

Home Services Concierge


Upon engagement our team of advisors will conduct the following:

  • Contract Review & Due Diligence:  Worth will review (we refer to as an ‘x-ray’)  all telecom agreements or easements that exist on your property(s) today, including traditional providers (i.e Charter, AT&T) and cellular roof-top/ground rights (i.e. Verizon, TMobile, US Cellular) . 
  • Request for Proposals:  Parallel path to the review process of your telecom agreements Worth will be soliciting proposals from all viable providers to create new revenue/savings opportunities and optimize any current revenue programs on your behalf. All proposals are vetted and leveraged against our database of properties representing more than one million residential units. 
  • Results & Review:  Upon completion of the proposal process, Worth will then present a comparative matrix of the offers outlining an optimal strategy for your community(s).
  • Contract Review Process:  Worth has no authority to accept or reject any proposals – just to present them to your team. If you elect to move forward with proposals secured by Worth – we will facilitate any agreements necessary to consummate the relationship and ensure the associated business terms remain intact.
  • Ongoing Advisory:  Upon finalizing the respective agreements Worth will ensure the timing and accuracy of any upfront and ongoing revenue payments to your team. Our staff at Worth will continue as a telecommunications resource and trusted advisor for your community(s) into the future.