Benefits for Apartment Owners & Managers


Optimize Revenues. Create Amenities. 
Control Expenses. Save Time. Avoid Mistakes. Take Control

Portfolio review is extremely important for property owners to fully understand the service agreements that are in place and the options that are available. The convergence of services and the onset of service providers all seeking access to your residents can be a great revenue opportunity for the owner – but can be extremely complicated. 

Owners may be unaware of existing agreements however absence of the agreements is not a clear indication of what is in place. Our firm has established relationships with each service provider across the U.S. in order to ascertain copies of any agreements that are currently on file. Once the agreements are profiled and organized for our Clients, we will work with your asset managers and staff in order to develop a telecommunications strategy and a philosophy in order to deliver competitive programs for your team. 

The strategy implemented will be based on a number of criteria selected by the Owner – in order to maximize revenue/savings opportunities and provide robust products and services to the residents.