Benefits for Property Owner Associations


Optimize Revenues. Create Amenities. 
Control Expenses. Save Time. Avoid Mistakes. Take Control.


Worth has the necessary experience and expertise to effectively guide Board members through the complex decisions relative to providing bulk and/or retail services to the residents, managing easements and rights sought by the service providers, as well as marketing agreements within the community. There can be substantial value in the rights within your community – and it is important to know what to be looking for.

Many Associations have what are referred to as “bulk” accounts whereas they have one (1) agreement with the cable or broadband provider, and assess each of the residents through their association dues in order to pass along the dramatically discounted bulk rate. The vast majority of these communities have had bulk accounts from back at the inception and typically implemented by the developer of the community. 

Other communities are what we refer to as “retail” or “choice” customers. Each of the residents in these communities individually subscribe to the service provider of their choice, albeit at the published retail rates. These communities too can benefit from a review of any telecommunication agreements (or a lack thereof) and relationships that can be established with existing local broadband providers.