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Years of Experience for Your Benefit

Worth Telecom was founded by Jason Scutt and Jim Adams to build on their combined 40+ years of telecom experience. The firm developed a unique strategy as a nationwide consulting firm managing traditional cable agreements, coupled with cellular roof-top and tower rights and ongoing revenue share optimization via MyServicesNow. This approach allows owners, managers, developers and property owner associations to efficiently manage and control these assets while capturing a much larger slice of the pie with preferred terms and ongoing management support. 

Owners and managers need to optimize the telecommunication rights (access, marketing, wiring, etc.) at their properties, however most groups do not have the proper staff or resources for this specialized discipline. Most management groups are unaware of their options and unable to secure the most preferred terms due to their limited visibility. Further, cellular coverage is critical to today's renters and owners. Yet, roof-top rights are most often an afterthought and many traditional telecom revenue share programs under-perform due to lack of management. As a result, significant revenue is left on the table, some providers and services are inadvertently excluded from the negotiation process and key owner-centric terms are missed. 

Representing over 10,000 properties across a wide variety of portfolio types across the country, our team is on the cutting edge of industry trends and changing market conditions, ensuring our clients gain access to the most preferred terms.