A Holistic Approach for Your Property's Telecom Needs

Worth Telecom specializes in telecommunication-based ancillary revenues and asset management for residential property owners and managers. Worth is a nationwide consulting firm and the only company to offer a turn-key A to Z solution which includes traditional telecom services coupled with cellular roof-top and towers rights and ongoing revenue share optimization.

Watch this video to get a simple picture of what Worth Telecom does.

Worth Telecom provides the following services:

  • An ‘asset x-ray’ which locates and analyzes all existing agreements (i.e. expiration dates/auto-renewals, existing revenue share programs/complimentary services, who owns the wiring, etc).
  • Preferred term negotiation and contract facilitation process which includes satellite and cellular carriers, compares the proposed terms against our database of properties representing over 1 million residential units,
  • Our cellular tower and roof-top layering methodology
  • Upfront and ongoing revenue share auditing and assurance
  • Our home services concierge program, MyServicesNow, which accelerates any revenue share programs.