Telecom Services: TV, Satellite, Phone & Internet

Worth Telecom is a nationwide telecommunication consulting and asset management firm specializing in ancillary revenue. We leverage our extensive expertise to maximize the value of a property’s Internet, voice, TV and satellite marketing and access rights.

By representing properties across the country, we regularly works with regional and national service providers on behalf of our clients, keeping our team acutely aware of industry trends and changing market conditions. Combining our in-depth knowledge, dedication and relationships with service providers nationwide, we analyze, negotiate or renegotiate new, existing and expiring telecom contracts. Our due diligence secures the best possible contract terms ensuring owners gain access to the greatest value potential from this often untapped revenue stream.

Worth Telecom will conduct a detailed assessment for each property submitted. The evaluation consists of: 

  • Worth will ‘x-ray’ all current telecom assets including traditional (i.e Time Warner, AT&T) and roof-top/ground rights. 
  • We will then seek proposals from all viable providers to optimize the current revenue programs and to create new revenues. 
  • The proposals are vetted against our database of properties representing more than one million residential units. 
  • Worth then presents a comparative matrix of the offers, facilitates the agreements (terms vetted against our database). 
  • Ensures the accuracy of the upfront and ongoing payments.
  • We then layer in additional ancillary revenue programs such as MyServicesNow.