Case Study: Roof Right Opportunities and Problems Solved

A national apartment owner completed construction of a 20-story apartment building, only to have their certificate of occupancy held up due to a lack of wireless coverage, which is a new safety requirement. 

Not only did the building have very limited cellular coverage but an exclusive access agreement had been granted to a single land-based provider of TV, data and phone. Predictably, the residents and banks involved in the property were not happy. Lawsuits were threatened and the building couldn’t close.

Worth looked at the property and owner's requirements holistically, taking all issues, constituents, systems and providers into consideration. We negotiated preferred rooftop rights for premium revenues. We also implemented a WiFi-based cellular boost service at one-third of the previously proposed DAS price, which supported the site’s life safety requirements. Additionally, we negotiated access rights and compensation with a second TV, data and phone provider.

The Results
The building opened on time, residents were happy, and the owner saved money and created a new revenue stream.

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