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The Vision of Worth Telecom

At its core, the vision of Worth Telecom is to manage and optimize the ancillary revenues from the entire telecom ecosystem at your property or portfolio of properties … Telecom + Cellular + MyServices ...

With our exclusive holistic approach, we capture a much larger slice of the pie with preferred terms and ongoing management and support. We know that owners and managers need to manage and optimize the telecommunication rights at their properties but they just don’t have the time to focus and are unaware of the viable providers per property and the preferred terms that are available. Further, cellular coverage is critical to today’s renters and owners. Yet, roof-top rights are most often an afterthought and many traditional telecom revenue share programs underperform due to lack of management. As a result, significant value is left on the table as some providers and services are inadvertently excluded from the negotiation process and key owner-centric terms are missed. Worth Telecom will address all of these issues for you.